We provide accounting services for companies with domestic and foreign capital. We prepare financial statements and reports for management, shareholders and external institutions. We develop accounting policy and chart of accounts tailored to the specifics of your business.  When we take over the accounting books during the year we perform accounting and tax verification from the beginning of the year.

Accounting services include:

  • creation of the chart of accounts
  • preparing and updating of accounting policies
  • account assignment and keeping records in books
  • reconciliation of receivables and liabilities
  • keeping records of fixed assets and intangible assets
  • preparing financial statements for the management board, shareholders and external institutions (e.g. banks, tax office, National Court Register etc.)
  • preparing statistical reports for the Central Statistical Office
  • reporting to the National Bank of Poland
  • preparation of financial analysis and reports the management board, shareholders and external institutions
  • cooperation and representation in contacts with institutions
  • archiving and storing documents in paper or electronic form for periods required by the law

Tax settlements include:

  • keeping records of sales and purchases for VAT purposes
  • calculation of monthly payments for personal and corporate income tax
  • preparing declarations and tax returns to the tax office
  • settlements of transactions in foreign currencies
  • settlements of international transactions: intra-EU transactions, import and export of goods, import of services, provision of services outside the country
  • settlements of mail order sales (Allegro, eBay, Etsy etc.) - e-commerce
  • preparing annual tax returns