Career path

Accountant - The profession of the future

We help graduates of economics in the labour market to acquire reliable knowledge in accounting and that is why we have prepared a transparent path of professional development.

Our office is a place for you if your commitment repays the time devoted to your education and the costs incurred in connection with your professional development.

What do we propose?

  • A clear promotion path (from junior accountant to independent accountant or accounting department manager) closely related to the pace of professional development, seniority in our team and involvement in the development of our company,
  • A package of specialized training and courses that deepen your knowledge, implemented throughout the entire period of cooperation,
  • Possibility of acquiring extensive knowledge and experience in servicing enterprises from the SME sector (at the beginning servicing smaller companies, then keeping the accounting books of larger companies, then carrying out tasks for the largest clients of the company, up to the implementation of project orders at the headquarters of our clients), 
  • A flexible working time within the agreed scope, allowing you to supplement your knowledge and participate in additional classes (e.g. English, post-graduate studies, courses and training),
  • Co-decision on the scope of your duties after the trial period, so that you can fully realize your potential in the area that interests you the most,
  • Opportunity to gain an independent accounting specialization - go to and see who will be your mentor!

You will not perform the same duties every day! We will enable you to develop professionally according to your needs, so if you want to tie your professional life with numbers and just like us, help businesses find their way in the maze of numbers, we are the right people to help you realize your plans.

Come and see what suits you the most. Don't be afraid to make new mistakes every day, but don't you dare duplicate them ;) Do not change the company, but change the tasks – at PS Consulting we focus on comprehensive development and deepening of knowledge after making a conscious decision of the area of specialization.