Our team

Hi! My name is Patrycja Szypulska and I am the CEO of Finance and Accounting Office PS Consulting Sp. z o.o. My team includes both experienced accountants from the baby boomers generation and engaged economic graduates from the XYZ generations.

I assure you that where knowledge and life experience combined with creativity and enthusiasm for work, you can achieve above-average results.

Thanks to Patrycja, we accurately predict the consequences of actions recommended to our clients and properly prepare them for the control of state authorities. Monika effectively manages the work of the entire accounting team, Monika and Małgorzata provides mobile support to the largest clients, to their great satisfaction. Aleksandra thoroughly carries out internal control and no error will hide from her. Thanks to Justyna, we find ourselves extremely quickly in HR and payroll issues and we have a model of the perfect organization of administrative matters.

Mariusz provides us with data protection and continuity of work by watching over IT systems, Marcin supports our clients with knowledge of legal meanders, and thanks to Ewa we are developing faster and in accordance with the realities of the modern digital economy.

All my employees provide their clients with daily commitment and mutual support in the area of accounting and tax law, which is why I care about continuous development, deepening their knowledge and skills through numerous training and courses.

Detailed information about me and my experience is available here.