What makes us different?

In the era of constant changes in the tax system, as well as sharpening penalties for enterprises and increased pressure on the personal responsibility of the managerial staff, the goal of our activities is to provide clients with the security of development in the area of accounting and tax law.

How we do it?

  • We take the entrepreneur's point of view, we co-create the financial part of the company's strategy and we become a partner in running a business.
  • Thanks to the practical knowledge of audit tools, we see the so-called big picture and we look at every issue considering the entrepreneur's and audit unit's point of view, thanks to which companies quickly and painlessly go through the annual financial audit.
  • We provide accounting services in Polish and English.
  • We show great flexibility in the implementation of all tasks and we also work on our clients' IT systems, providing services at their headquarters, often filling staff shortages in accounting departments or giving a helpful hand with tasks in this area.
  • We have up-to-date information on legal regulations and the ability to apply them in practice because every month we take part in training and courses that improve our qualifications and update knowledge about new tax solutions.
  • We have compulsory third party liability insurance as well as additional insurance to protect our clients' interests.
  • Our work is characterized by great accuracy and reliability, which makes the level of quality of our services the basis for received recommendations.
  • We care about the development of our team by seeking young employees with a passion for numbers and an above-average desire to develop professionally.

What else do we provide to our clients? Call us: +48 660 746 735 or write to us: ps@ps-consulting.pl and check it out!